Friday, 4 September 2015

Sperm test procedure (semen analysis)

So last week, I went down to the Andrology to get my semen analysis done. It was for medical reasons so I just did it.

Of course, for anyone who has done it before or about to undergo this process of masturbating yourself to get your sample out, I understand how you feel... Kinda pricks the Pride abit.

So I just want to share my experience with all of you. Afterall, some of you need not undergo such test in your life. But anyway, it's an experience.

So my wife and myself kept exchanging thoughts on what type of materials will the hospital provide in order to get me into the mood.. Will there be like TV with tons of porn films or would they provide magazines , just like how some old films we watched when we were young. Anyway, NONE of those happened

So upon reaching the hospital, I was given an empty bottle and was told to proceed into this room and read the instructions that was on the wall. 

The "room" looks exactly like a toilet but without a toilet bowl. It has a shower  facility and a lamp which I suppose, to  help you get into the mood. The toilet bowl was replaced with a "comfortable" chair, that comes with a soft cushion

Yup so no sight of magazines or TV films BUT a wifi password! WOW! How useful..I suppose they expect all adults know where to find their fantasy.. The wifi signal was so bad, couldn't get it connected. My phone battery was running low on battery and I was thinking to myself.. So if my battery runs flat, am I suppose to like "err excuse me Mdm, can I borrow your iPhone?" Or "I prefer to watch it on a bigger screen, do you have an iPad that I can borrow?" 

So anyhow, I managed to get myself fixed after a while and went out to hand the sample to the nurse.

The cost of the analysis is about $58.++ inclusive of gst. I won't name the hospital that I went to but they are strictly by appointment. Even on weekdays, they are full! 

So anyhow, that's my experience. Buzz some of my own myth about sperm test .

Till then..


  1. I did mine at Mount E fertility and when you reach the nurse will bring you to a room. The room is spacious with sofa, toilet and sink. There's a small drawer (2 way) on the wall where you can put your sample and form after you're done.

    Once in the room the nurse just went to one of the cupboard and took out a stack of porn magazine and left the room. It was those 80s type of porn magazine (maybe they got it from customs who confiscated).

    After you're done, just put the bottle and form which you put in time of ejaculation and info and push the drawer in and you can leave the room.

    Heard KKH provides video but I did there once it's a pathetic room without TV, magazine or any instructions. Hell, they don't even lead you to the room! They just tell you there's a room at the back where you reach you will see like 8 rooms! Go figure...

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